Significance Of Budh Or Mercury In Remedies Horoscope And Budha Mantras


In Accordance with Indian Astrology, Mercury is the messenger between man and God. Mercury is the world of intellect as well as the IQ of an Individual Depends upon the potency of Mercury. Mercury’s world reflects logic, calculation and math in the parlance. Mercury is responsible for other artistic pursuits, sports, theater and trade commerce. Your address patterns, communication style, sense of comedy, quickness of thought depends on Mercury’s position . Mercury possesses the Signs of Virgo and Gemini. Exaltation of Mercury’s indication is both Virgo and the indication of debilitation of Mercury is Pisces.

Venus and Saturn are both his buddies as well as Moon and Jupiter are all enemies. Wednesday is the day of Budh along with the emerald is that his Gemstone. Given below are Mantras and the Budh Remedies. Given below are some for satisfying Budh, Remedies. Keep Fast on Wednesdays. The deity Mercury is happy when his mantras are chanted and gives intelligence and improved health to the devotee. Meaning: I bow to Buddha who’s extraordinarily intelligent and black as a tulip, matchless in kind of appearance and dark and prudent being Soma’s son and endowed with all qualities that are auspicious and pleasing.

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